Care and Support Redefined

Seton Care provides a range of supportive services in Berwickshire and North Northumberland. These services are as wide and varied as the population we serve and from the newly born to the oldest our commitment is to support people to live their lives to the fullest.

We know you are unique

'Personalisation' is at the heart of all that we do. That means we respond to what each individual and their family, wants or needs. Each circumstance is unique and requires a unique approach and every individual we meet has a distinct background and personality. He or she also has unique ambitions and desires. That’s why when care and support is needed in the short-term or long-term it is the choice of that individual, their family and carers when, how and where they receive that support.

Your wants drive us

That is the essence of the Seton Care approach. We are always seeking new ways to make life more rewarding for our clients and each member of our staff is highly trained professional –passionate, motivated and committed to our approach and philosophy.

Building great relationships and winning trust is what distinguishes Seton Care.